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jeff maxJeff Hauser is the founder and director of the Revolving Door Project, which scrutinizes executive branch appointees to ensure they use their office to serve the broad public interest, rather than to entrench corporate power or seek personal advancement. He is regularly cited by a broad array of media outlets, including Bloomberg, Politico, Washington Post, The Hill, Daily Beast, Roll Call, Congressional Quarterly magazine, National Journal, Vice, The Guardian, and The Intercept.

Before founding the Revolving Door Project in 2015, Hauser spent more than three years leading the AFL-CIO’s political media, economic policy outreach, and labor communications for their immigration reform campaign.

Hauser brings a wide variety of expertise in politics and the progressive movement learned from running a congressional campaign and as the deputy campaign manager of the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CCIR, since renamed America’s Voice).

It was Hauser’s frustration as a young trust-buster in the George W. Bush-era Justice Department that taught him the power of the executive branch and provided the zeal for reform that is now funneled into the Revolving Door Project.

In addition to the AFL-CIO, CCIR, and DOJ, Hauser has worked at MoveOn.org, served as executive director of Majority Action and Accountability Now, and as campaign manager of Shulman for Congress. His first jobs in politics were working for Wes Clark’s 2004 presidential campaign and then serving as political director for the National Jewish Democratic Council from 2004 until early 2007.

Hauser is a graduate of Harvard College (1995) and N.Y.U. School of Law (2001).

Revolving Door Project

The Revolving Door Project has a proven track record of scrutinizing and applying real pressure to both Democrats and Republicans who seek to use the executive branch for personal gain rather than to promote the public interest.

The project successfully:

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Why the Revolving Door Project is Important

Many of the deep rules that govern our rigged economy are written within the executive branch and outside the purview of most of civil society. From the semi-independent bureaus of the Treasury Department (the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the IRS) to the Federal Reserve, OMB, CFTC, FTC, CFPB, SEC, and beyond, executive branch personnel play a significant role in determining the fundamental rules that govern our economy.

The Revolving Door Project educates civil society in order to counteract the advantage that Wall Street and corporate America have in this rule writing process. We do this by alerting and educating the media and activists when hard working people are being taken advantage of and by whom. If we want the executive branch to write rules that structure the economy away from rent extraction and in the direction of greater economic equality, we need to ensure the right people hold key executive branch positions like the Treasury Secretary and SEC Commissioner. The executive branch needs to empower dedicated civil servants rather than self-interested people rotating between relatively short stints in government and longer stints in the very industries they’re supposed to regulate.

The Revolving Door Project also monitors whether Congress is doing an effective job overseeing the executive branch and is properly policing the powerful bad actors intent on exacerbating economic inequality.


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