Yes, David Brooks actually said this. The context is his column noting the complaints against the big tech companies. After going through the list Brooks tells readers:

"The political assault on this front [against the monopoly power of the big tech companies] is gaining steam. The left is attacking tech companies because they are mammoth corporations; the right is attacking them because they are culturally progressive. Tech will have few defenders on the national scene."

It is hard to believe that anyone with even a passing knowledge of U.S. politics could say something so ridiculous. Tech has hundreds of billions of dollars to throw at politicians, think tanks and other academics, and to buy media outlets in addition to the Internet sites it already controls.

Everywhere outside of David Brooks' World, people respond to money. The one thing we can be absolutely certain of is that there will no shortage of prominent individuals happy to defend tech on the national scene. My guess is that the tech giants won't see the need to follow Brooks' agenda as the only road to salvation. They are more likely to just buy up another think tank or two.