CEPR was selected as one of the organizations to get a share of CREDO’s November givings. The size of our share will depend on how many people vote for CEPR here.

I am really proud of all the issues where CEPR has been ahead of everyone else. We were saying that Social Security did not have to be cut at a time when even many Democrats said the program faced a crisis. We were warning that the I.M.F.’s structural adjustment programs were stifling growth and increasing inequality at the high point of the Washington Consensus. We were yelling about the housing bubble and the dangers it posed to the economy when politicians in both parties were celebrating the rise in homeownership rates.

And, we were warning of the dangers of private equity before people saw the wreckage of Toys "R" Us and other retail icons brought down by financial engineering. I should also mention our contribution to getting Fed Up off the ground, a fantastic coalition of community and labor organizations that has had a huge impact on the Federal Reserve Board.

I’ll spare people the full boast list, but as the saying goes in Washington, the only thing worse than being wrong is being right. And, with CEPR’s track record, funding is naturally very difficult.

We welcome the direct contributions from many of our readers, which make a big difference to our finances. The funding from CREDO can also be a big help, and in this case, it is just a question of taking a few seconds to vote here.  

Thanks for your support.