Donald Trump is proposing to eliminate the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities, as noted in an NYT column today. Each agency received just under $150 million in the 2017 budget, an amount that is equal to just under 0.004 percent of total spending. Another way to think about the money the government spends promoting the arts and the humanities is comparing it to spending on Donald Trump's golfing trips.

According to calculations from the Center for American Progress Action Fund, we were on a path to spend $59.25 million on Donald Trump's golfing for each year he is in the White House. This means that by ending funding for either the Endowment for the Arts or the Endowment for the Humanities we can pay for two and a half years of Donald Trump's golf trips. If both are shut down, it would cover the cost of five years of Donald Trump's golf trips.

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Source: See text.