The media have largely accepted at face value the claims from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel that is necessary to close a large number of the city's schools in order to save money and improve the quality of education. It turns out that much of what Emanuel has claimed about savings and moving students to better schools is not supported by the evidence as Chicago radio station WBEZ uncovered in its analysis.

One might think that this sort of follow-up would get more attention from the national media not only because Rahm Emanuel was formerly President Obama's chief of staff, but also because its school commissioner for 8 years was Arne Duncan, the current education secretary. Emanuel's claims that the schools are a disaster would seem to be an indictment of Mr. Duncan's performance. (Several of the schools slated for closing were success stories highlighted by Duncan.)

The Post deserves credit on this one. Its education reporter Valerie Strauss did her homework.