That could have been the title of a Washington Post editorial that criticizes the budget produced by Senate Democrats because it doesn't address the possibility that we will have a rising debt to GDP ratio in 2023. After all, millions of lives are being ruined by the high unemployment that resulted from the ineptitude of the people that the Post views as experts on the economy. The Post is completely unconcerned about this crisis. Instead it is very upset that Senate Democrats are not worried about projections for 2023 and beyond of a rising debt to GDP ratio.

It is worth remembering that back in 2000 there was a major debate in Washington over the date at which the federal government would pay off the national debt. The Washington Post was a major actor in this debate.

Btw, the Post has this classic included in its list of ways to deal with Social Security:

"a more realistic inflation adjustment."

Of course the Washington Post does not have a clue as to whether its preferred price index better reflects the rate of inflation seen by Social Security beneficiaries. All it knows is that it will show a lower rate of inflation and therefore cut benefits. You've gotta love these folks.