Taking Economics Seriously

Today the MIT Press is publishing CEPR co-director Dean Baker's latest book, Taking Economics Seriously. It's a cloth/hardcover compact (4 1/2" by 7" and 136 pages) book that offers an alternative Econ 101. A great little graduation gift, especially for econ geeks, but it's accessible enough for anyone.

But don't believe me. Here's what Simon Johnson (former IMF chief economist and co-founder of The Baseline Scenario) and Elizabeth Warren (Harvard Law Professor and Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel) say about it:
Baker's analysis is always insightful and his proposals entirely reasonable. Read this book only if you are worried about where the United States is heading.
- Simon Johnson
A terrific book. Dean Baker deconstructs the myth that big corporations have any interest in free markets and deregulation. And he is right: industry interests support government intervention all the time -- when it helps them. They have thrown the free market under the bus to maximize profits, and Taking Economics Seriously explains how.
- Elizabeth Warren.
And while you're at it, pick one up for yourself! Unless, of course, you're not worried about where the U.S. is heading.