Last week, the CEPR March CPS Uniform Extracts, Version 0.9, for 1980-2009 was added to CEPR's consistent database of the Current Population Survey (CPS). The March CPS (also known as the Annual Social and Economic Supplement), collected by the Census Bureau every March, contains a series of supplemental information on income, non-cash benefits, health insurance, and work experience. Please visit the Census Bureau's website for more information on the CPS.

Available for download from the CEPR database are the uniform data or underlying Stata program files that were used to extract the data. You can also download ourĀ recently updated 2009 CEPR CPS ORG and Basic Monthly Uniform Extracts, Version 1.5.

CEPR makes wide use of the CPS extracts in our publications, available here. For example, CEPR recently published a study using the March CPS extracts, looking at the health-insurance coverage rates for U.S. workers in the past three decades. CEPR's CPS ORG extracts are frequently used to examine changes in the labor market.

***Note that this is a beta release. Please feel free to send us any comments or questions about the release.***