Palin Cheat Sheet Ad

Well, why not? We've been trying to think of some new and creative ways to support all the good work that CEPR's been doing over the past few months, and since Sarah Palin's been in the news lately, we thought that maybe she'd lend a hand…

OK, not really. But CEPR has been working hard to address the many serious issues facing all of us - from the continuing foreclosure crisis to the unacceptable unemployment rate to the devastating situation in Haiti - and we do need the support of all of our friends so that we will be able to continue that good work.

We know that you are stretched thin. We all are. But we ask that you lend us a hand, so that we can continue to inject data and logic into policy debates. Unlike our elected officials, we don't accept any funding from corporations, government agencies or unions. CEPR has always gone rogue, and we hope to continue for years to come. We ask that you help us to keep up the fight.

Many thanks,
Dean Baker
Mark Weisbrot
CEPR Staff