It’s fall in Washington DC, and once again threats of a government shutdown and a U.S. debt default are in the air. Meanwhile, throughout the rest of America, millions of people wake up not knowing how they are going to pay their bills or feed their children.

We expect that you share our frustration with the lack of progress on the many issues facing our country. So, we here at CEPR have decided to take matters into our own hands, and we are asking for your help:

We want to take over.

That’s right; we’re willing to take over the government’s responsibilities. Fund CEPR’s takeover, and we’ll make sure that the country’s economic policies are those that benefit the bulk of the population and not just the elites. We’ll make sure that workers are protected and allowed to organize and that they earn a living wage.  We’ll pass progressive tax laws like the financial transaction tax and we’ll end Too Big to Fail. We’ll definitely protect Social Security and Medicare…we’ll even expand them.

We’ll also ensure that our foreign policy is one that recognizes the sovereignty of other nations. We’ll make sure that aid to Haiti goes to those who need it. And we’ll undo unfair trade agreements that hurt workers here and abroad.

OK, maybe we really won’t be able to take over the government. But a stronger, well-funded CEPR could make real progress toward the economic and social policies we need. CEPR’s research, analysis, and public education can help bring about the changes described above…even if we don’t actually do the work ourselves.

We’re outnumbered and outspent, so every little bit helps. Please donate today, and help us to continue our work into the fall, and beyond.

Dean, Mark, and CEPR staff