That’s right, CEPR Co-director Mark Weisbrot is now blogging at!

His new blog on economic and political trends in a multi-polar world debuted this past month. “The World in Transition: Economics and Politics” has featured several posts already, including this one on the Democratic primary, this one on political judiciary in Argentina, and this analysis of the IMF’s estimates of potential GDP and Nouriel Roubini’s forecasts for the global economy. Mark also wrote posts on Brazil, including this one on leaked conversations that reveal major players colluded to carry out the coup, and this one on the coup and Washington’s “rollback” of the left in Latin America.

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The World in Transition blog plans to cover many of the topics discussed in Mark’s recent book, "Failed: What the “Experts” Got Wrong About the Global Economy," which Noam Chomsky praised:

"For those who wish to understand the global economy of the past generation, the shocking failures and impressive successes, this is the book to read. With careful scholarship and lucid analysis, Weisbrot reveals the pernicious effects of the neoliberal assault on the world's population, from wealthy and developed Europe to the global south, and exposes the dominant political-economic doctrines, rooted in a harsh attack on democracy and undermining of social policies that benefit the vast majority.”

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