The following reports on labor market policy were recently released:

The Center for Law and Social Policy

Juggling Time: Young Workers and Scheduling Practices in the Los Angeles County Service Sector
CLASP, UCLA Labor Center


The Parent Trap: The Economic Insecurity of Families with Young Children
Amy Traub, Robert Hiltonsmith, Tamara Draut

Urban Institute

Choice Deserts: How Geography Limits the Potential Impact of Earnings Data on Higher Education
Kristin Blagg, Matthew Chingos

Hispanics’ Retirement Security
Richard W. Johnson, Stipica Mudrazija, Claire Xiaozhi Wang

The Century Foundation

A New Safety Net for An Era of Unstable Earnings
Andrew Stettner, Michael Cassidy, George Wentworth


A New Jersey That Works for Working People
Mel Meder, Satya Rhodes-Conway, Laura Dresser, Andrew Wolf

Economic Policy Institute

A Public Investment Agenda That Delivers The Goods For American Workers Needs To Be Long-Lived, Broad, And Subject To Democratic Oversight
Josh Bivens, Hunter Blair

Employment Fell Because Of The Great Recession, Not The Minimum Wage
Ben Zipperer

Unequal Public-Sector Pay In Connecticut? Yes—Taxpayers Are Getting A Bargain!
Monique Morrissey

Still Falling Short On Hours And Pay
Lonnie Golden