The following reports on labor market policy were recently released:

Institute for Research on Labor and Employment

The Effects of a $15 Minimum Wage in NewYork State
Michael Reich, Sylvia Allegretto, Ken Jacobs, Claire Montialoux

Current Challenges to Workers and Unions in Brazil
Roberto Véras de Oliveira

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Policy Basics: How Many Weeks of Unemployment Compensation Are Available?
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Chart Book: The Legacy of the Great Recession
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Economic and Policy Institute

Inflation Makes Proposed Minimum Wage Increases More Modest than they Appear
David Cooper

Congressional Testimony: The Impact of High-Skilled Immigration on U.S. Workers
Ron Hira

Congressional Testimony: The Impact of High-Skill Guestworker Programs and the STEM Workforce
Hal Salzman

Congressional Testimony: “Triple Threat to Workers and Households-Impacts of Federal Regulations on Jobs, Wages and Startups”
Josh Bivens

The State of American Retirement: How 401(k)s Have Failed Most American Workers
Monique Morrissey

Trans-Pacific Partnership, Currency Manipulation, Trade and Jobs
Robert E. Scott, Elizabeth Glass

Durbin and Sessions Agree H-1B Guestworker Program Must be Fixed to Protect Migrant and American Tech Workers
Daniel Costa

Wage Inequality Continued its 35-year Rise in 2015
Elise Gould

Institute for Women’s Policy Research

The Economic Impact of Equal Pay by State
Institute for Women’s Policy Research

The Gender Wage Gap
Cynthia Costello, Ariane Hegewisch

National Employment Law Project

Ban the Box: U.S. Cities, Counties and States Adopt Fair Hiring Policies
Michelle Rodriguez, Beth Avery


Increasing Skills and Opportunities for Wisconsin’s Immigrants
Laura Dresser, Mel Meder

Center for American Progress

When I Was Your Age: Millenials and the Generational Wage Gap
Brendan Duke

Utilizing National Service as a 21st Century Workforce Strategy for Opportunity Youth
Tracey Ross, Shirley Sagawa, Melissa Boteach

Political Economy Research Institute

Wheels within Wheels within Wheels: The Importance of Capital Inflows in the Origin of the Spanish Financial Crisis
Rafael Fernandez, Clara Garcia