Several new labor market research reports were released this week:

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Policy Basics: How Many Weeks of Unemployment Compensation Are Available?


The Cost of Regulatory Delay
Ben Peck

Economic Policy Institute

Deconstructing Crain and Crain: Estimated cost of OSHA regulations is way off base
Ross Eisenbrey, Isaac Shapiro

Employment Policy Research Network

The U.S. Auto Supply Chain at a Crossroads
Susan Helper

Institute for Women’s Policy Research

The Union Advantage in Wireline Telecommunications for African-Americans, Hispanics, and Women

Growing Job Gap Between Women and Men: Monthly Number of Women and men on Payrolls (Seasonally Adjusted), January 2007-July 2011

National Employment Law Project

Fact Sheet: Workplace Violations, Immigration Status, and Gender

Political Economy Research Institute

Wrong Deficit: Jobs, Deficits, and the Misguided Squabble over the Debt Ceiling
Tim Koechlin

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