Here are the latest labor market policy research reports from the past week:

Center for American Progress

Inclusive Economic Growth: Increasing Connectivity, Expanding Opportunity, and Reducing Vulnerability
John Podesta

Our Working Nation in 2013
Heather Boushey, Ann O'Leary, and Sarah Jane Glynn

Center for Economic and Policy Research

Reduced Work Hours as a Means of Slowing Climate Change
David Rosnick

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Introduction to Unemployment Insurance
Chad Stone and William Chen

Testimony of Jared Bernstein, Senior Fellow, Before the House Education and Workforce Committee
Jared Bernstein

Economic Policy Institute

Reducing U.S. trade deficits will generate a manufacturing-based recovery for the United States and Ohio
Robert E. Scott, Helene Jorgensen, and Doug Hall

Political Economy Research Institute

Screening for Honesty and Motivation in the Workplace: What Can Affirmative Action Do?
Elaine McCrate

Confronting Those Affirmative Action Grumbles
William Darity

A Stimulus for Affirmative Action?
Jeannette Wicks-Lim

Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis

The Crisis of Jobs and Healthcare for Unemployed Americans Aged 55-64
Joelle Saad-Lessler, Teresa Ghilarducci and Lauren Schmitz