Here is a collection of the latest labor market policy research reports from the past few weeks:

Center for American Progress

An Executive Order to Prevent Discrimination Against LGBT Workers
Lee Badgett, Crosby Burns, Nan D. Hunter, Jeff Krehely, Christy Mallory, and Brad Sears

Center for Economic and Policy Research

Why Does the Minimum Wage Have No Discernible Effect on Employment?
John Schmitt

Center for Law and Social Policy

A Framework for Measuring Career Pathways Innovation

The Alliance for Quality Career Pathways Approach: Developing Criteria and Metrics for Quality Career Pathways

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Cutting State Personal Income Taxes Won’t Help Small Businesses Create Jobs and May Harm State Economies
Michael Mazerov

Testimony of Chad Stone, Chief Economist, on Unintended Consequences: Is Government Effectively Addressing the Unemployment Crisis?
Chad Stone

Economic Policy Institute

Declining Value of the Federal Minimum Wage Is a Major Factor Driving Inequality
Lawrence Mishel

Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Increasing Pathways to Legal Status for Immigrant In-Home Care Workers
Cynthia Hess and Jane Henrici

Improving Career Opportunities for Immigrant Women In-Home Care Workers
Jane Henrici

Valuing Good Health in Maryland: The Costs and Benefits of Earned Sick Days
Claudia Williams