The following reports on labor market policy were recently released:

Economic Policy Institute
States Heavily Reliant on the Energy Sector Had a Tough Year, but Most Other States Finished 2015 Heading in the Right Direction
David Cooper

The Obama Administration Pushes for a Better Response to Unemployment
Ross Eisenbrey

The H-2B Temporary Foreign Worker Program
Daniel Costa

14 States Raised Their Minimum Wage at the Beginning of 2016, Lifting the Wages of More than 4.6 Million Working People
Will Kimball

Balancing Paychecks and Public Assistance
David Cooper

Political Economy Research Institute
Is a $15 Minimum Wage Economically Feasible?
Jeannette Wicks-Lim

National Employment Law Project
How Much Do New York’s Workers Need? At Least $15 per hour – Both Upstate and Down

The Institute for Research on Labor and Employment
#39: “Current Challenges to Workers and Unions in Brazil”
Roberto Véras de Oliveira

Urban Institute
Women In Pakistan’s Urban Informal Economy
Ammar A. Malik, Hadida Majis, Husnain Fateh, Iromi Perera

Institute for Women’s Policy Research
Access to Paid Sick Time in St. Paul, Minnesota
Jenny Xia

Women Gain 55 Percent of Jobs in Last Year, 77 Percent in Last Month
Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Center for American Progress
Women and Families’ Economic Security in New Hampshire
Sarah Jane Glynn, Brendan Duke, Danielle Corley