The Center for Economic and Policy Research, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Demos, Economic Policy Institute, Employment Policy Research Network, and Political Economy Research Institute released the following reports on labor-market policy over the past week.

Center for Economic and Policy Research

Work Sharing: The Quick Route Back to Full Employment
Dean Baker

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Tax Holiday for Overseas Corporate Profits Would Increase Deficits, Fail to Boost the Economy, and Ultimately Shift More Investment and Jobs Overseas
Chuck Marr and Brian Highsmith


The State of Michigan's Middle Class

Economic Policy Institute

False Savings: How cutting police budgets and laying off cops in high-crime cities lacks economic, social, and common sense
Jeffrey Keefe

Employment Policy Research Network

Immigrant Workers and the Future of American Labor
Ruth M. Milkman

Political Economy Research Institute

Financialization, Household Credit and Economic Slowdown in the U.S.
Deepankar Basu