This week, we post links to reports from Center for American Progress, Center for Economic and Policy Research, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Demos, Economic Policy Institute, and National Employment Law Project.

Center for American Progress

The Origins and Evolution of Progressive Economics
Rui Teixeira and John Halpin

Center for Economic and Policy Research

Deconstructing Structural Unemployment
John Schmitt and Kris Warner

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Proposed Public Employee Pension Reporting Requirements are Unnecessary
Iris J. Lav

Rhode Island's Global Waiver Not a Model for How States Would Fare Under a Medicaid Block Grant
Jesse Cross-Call and Judith Solomon

Hatch-Upton Report on Costs to States of Expanding Medicaid Relies on Seriously Flawed Estimates
January Angeles

Ryan-Rivlin Plan Would End Guaranteed Medicare, Shift Medicaid Costs to States and Beneficiaries
Paul N. Van de Water


Scheduling Hourly Workers: How Last Minute, Just-In-Time Scheduling Practices Are Bad for Workers, Families and Business
Nancy K. Cauthen

Economic Policy Institute

The Sad But True Story of Wages in America
Lawrence Mishel and Heidi Shierholz

National Employment Law Project

Winning Wage Justice: An Advocate's Guide to State and City Policies to Fight Wage Theft
National Employment Law Project