Here’s a roundup of the labor market research reports released this week:

Center for American Progress

The Economic Consequences of Cutting the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Jeffrey Thompson and Heidi Garrett-Peltier

The Costly Business of Discrimination: The Economic Costs of Discrimination and the Financial Benefits of Gay and Transgender Equality in the Workplace
Crosby Burns

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Ryan Budget Would Slash Snap Funding By $134 Billion Over Ten Years: Low-Income Households in All States Would Feel Sharp Effects
Dorothy Rosenbaum

President’s Proposal to Raise Rents on Some of the Nation’s Poorest Households Would Cause Serious Hardship
Barbara Sard

CBO Shows Ryan Budget Would Set Nation on Path to End Most of Government Other Than Social Security, Health Care, and Defense By 2050
Robert Greenstein

What You Need To Know About Premium Support
Paul N. Van de Water