This week, we post links to reports from Center for Economic and Policy Research, Demos, Economic Policy Institute, National Employment Law Project, and Political Economy Research Institute.

Center for Economic and Policy Research

The Potential Savings to Social Security from Means Testing
Dean Baker and Hye Jin Rho


Back to Work: A Public Jobs Proposal for Economic Recovery
Philip Harvey

Economic Policy Institute

Why Do Some States Have Higher Unemployment Rates?
Josh Bivens

Desperate Techniques Used to Preserve the Myth of the Overcompensated Public Employee
Jeffrey H. Keefe

National Employment Law Project

An Overview of Job Quality and Discretionary Economic Development Subsidies in New York City
Fiscal Policy Institute, Good Jobs New York, and National Employment Law Project

Political Economy Research Institute

Wage Norms, Capital Accumulation and Unemployment: A Post Keynesian View
Engelbert Stockhammer

Pushing Working Families into Poverty: Assessing the New Haven Plan to Privatize the Public Schools' Custodial Services
Jeannette Wicks-Lim