The following are the latest labor market policy research reports from the last week.

Center for American Progress

The American Middle Class, Income Inequality, and the Strength of Our Economy: New Evidence in Economics
Heather Boushey and Adam Hersh

Center for Law and Social Policy

Paid Time Off: The Elements and Prevalence of Consolidated Leave Plans
Andrea Lindemann and Kevin Miller

21st-Century Public Benefits: Emerging Options, Great Promise, and Key Challenges
Stan Dorn and Elizabeth Lower-Basch

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Testimony Of Ladonna Pavetti, Ph.D. Vice President, Family Income Support Policy, Before The House Ways And Means Committee, Subcommittee On Human Resources, Hearing On “State Tanf Spending And Its Impact On Work Requirements”

Economic Policy Institute

The Ryan Budget versus The Budget for All: Exacerbating versus alleviating our serious economic challenges
Andrew Fieldhouse, Rebecca Thiess, and Ethan Pollack

Institute for Women’s Policy Research,
Social Security & Medicare Foundation and NOW Foundation

Breaking the Social Security Glass Ceiling: A Proposal to Modernize Women's Benefits
Carol Estes, Terry O'Neill, and Heidi Hartmann