The following are the latest labor market policy research reports from the past week.

Center for Economic Policy and Research

Size and Characteristics of States’ Union Workforces
John Schmitt and Marie-Eve Augier

Economic Policy Institute

Labor force participation: Cyclical versus structural changes since the start of the Great Recession
Heidi Shierholz

Employment Policy Research Network

The Dismal State of the Nation's Teen Summer Job Market, 2009-2011, and the Outlook for the Summer of 2012
Andrew Sum and Walter McHugh

Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Paid Time Off: The Elements and Prevalence of Consolidated Leave Plans
Andrea Linderman and Kevin Miller

Valuing Good Health in Massachusetts: The Costs and Benefits of Paid Sick Days
Kevin Miller and Claudia Williams

National Employment Law Project

Letter to USDOL: Changes to Florida Unemployment Program Cause Serious Decline in Access to Benefits
Christine Ownes