Here is this week's roundup of labor-market policy research reports:

Center for Economic and Policy Research

States Could Save $1.7 Billion per Year with Federal Financing of Work Sharing
Nicole Woo and Dean Baker

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

What the 2012 Trustees’ Report Shows About Social Security
Kathy A. Ruffing

Are Low-Income Programs Enlarging the Nation’s Long-Term Fiscal Problem? : Programs outside Health Care Projected To Decline as Share of Economy
Robert Greenstein and Richard Kogan

Toomey Budget Similar To House-Passed Ryan Budget: Contains Deep Cuts in Low-Income and Non-Defense Discretionary Programs and Likely Tax Cuts for the Most Well-Off
James R. Horney, Chye-Ching Huang, Edwin Park, and Paul N. Van de Water

Testimony Of Stacy Dean: Vice President for Food Assistance Policy before the House Committee on Agriculture’s Subcommittee on Nutrition and Horticulture

National Employment Law Project

Modernizing Unemployment Insurance: Federal Incentives Pave the Way for State Reforms

39 States Claim $4.4 Billion in Recovery Act’s UI Modernization Funds