Over the past month, the Center for Economic and Policy Research, Drum Major Institute for Public Policy, Economic Policy Institute, Employment Policy Research Network, Political Economy Research Institute, and The Roosevelt Institute have released reports on issues relating to labor-market policy.

Center for Economic and Policy Research

Labor Market Policy in the Great Recession: Some Lessons from Denmark and Germany
John Schmitt

Drum Major Institute for Public Policy

Low Wage Jobs Dominate NYC Job Growth
John Petro

Economic Policy Institute

The Jobs Impact of Telecom Investment
Ethan Pollack

Employment Policy Research Network

Analyzing Compensation Methods in Manufacturing: Piece Rates, Time Rates, or Gain-Sharing?
Susan Helper, Morris M. Kleiner, and Yingchun Wang

The Job Dislocation and Re-employment Experiences of America’s Older Workers During the Great Recessionary Period of 2007-09: The Economic Consequences for the Dislocated and the Rest of the U.S. Society
Andrew Sum, Mykhaylo Trubskyy, Ishwar Khatiwada, Joseph McLaughlin, Sheila Palma

Political Economy Research Institute

The Economic Benefits of a Green Chemical Industry in the United States: Renewing Manufacturing Jobs While Protecting Health and the Environment
James Heintz and Robert Pollin

Conditions for Workers at Target: Estimates for  a Proposed California Supercenter
Dr. Jeanette Wicks-Lim

The Roosevelt Institute

Dramatic Job Revisions Bust Structural Unemployment Myths
Mike Konczal