A roundup of the labor market research reports released this week.


Worth Working For: Strategies For Turning Bad Jobs Into Quality Employment
Ben Peck and Amy Traub

Economic Policy Institute

Assessing the job impact of guidelines for marketing food and beverage products to children
John Irons

Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Valuing Good Health in Denver: The Costs and Benefits of Paid Sick Days
Kevin Miller, Ph.D. and Claudia Williams

National Employment Law Project

Filling the Good Jobs Deficit: An Economic Recovery Agenda for Our States and Cities
Anastasia Christman and Christine Riordan

Hanging On By a Thread: Renew Federal Unemployment Insurance to Aid Families, Boost Stalled Economy; Nearly Two Million Jobless Workers Face Premature Cut-Off in January 2012

Political Economy Research Institute

What Does the Literature Tell Us About the Possible Effect of Changing Retirement Benefits on Public Employee Effectiveness?
Christian E. Weller