A roundup of the labor market research reports released this week and last week.

Center for American Progress

Workers and Their Health Care Plans: The Impact of New Health Insurance Exchanges and Medicaid Expansion on Employer-Sponsored Health Care Plans
Alan Reuther

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Letting Payroll Tax Cut Expire Would Shrink Worker Paychecks and Damage Weak Economy
Chuck Marr and Brian Highsmith


Help Wanted: America Needs A Better Jobs Plan
David Callahan and Tamara Draut

Economic Policy Institute

‘Right to Work’: The Wrong answer for Michigan’s Economy
Gordon Lafer

Employment Policy Research Network

The State of the Unions in 2011: A Profile of Union Membership in Los Angeles, California and the Nation
Lauren D. Appelbaum and Ben Zipperer

Institute for Women’s Policy Research

The Gender Wage Gap: 2010
Ariane Hegewisch and Claudia Williams

National Employment Law Project

Criminal Background Check Protections for Long-Term Care Workers
Maurice Emsellem and Michelle Natividad Rodriguez