The following labor market policy research reports were recently released:

Center for American Progress

Economic Snapshot: November 2013
Christian E. Weller and Sam Ungar

The Great Laissez-Faire Experiment: American Inequality and Growth from an International Perspective
David R. Howell

The Impact of Inequality on Growth
Jared Bernstein

The Impact of Redistributive Tax and Transfer Programs on Risk-Taking Behavior and Labor Mobility
Adriana Kugler

No Place Like Home: Addressing Poverty and Homelessness in the United States
Tracey Ross

Real Family Values: Paid Family Leave
Jack Jenkins

Training for Success: A Policy to Expand Apprenticeships in the United States
Ben Olinsky and Sarah Ayres

Trickle-Down Economics and Broken Promises: How Inequality Is Holding Back Our Economy
Ben Olinsky and Asher Mayerson


Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Expiring Medicaid and CHIP Provisions Should Be Extended in End-of-Year Legislation
Edwin Park and Judith Solomon



The Challenge of Credit Card Debt for the African American Middle Class
Catherine Ruetschlin and Dedrick Asante-Muhammad


Economic Policy Institute

Low Wages and Scant Benefits Leave Many In-Home Workers Unable to Make Ends Meet
Heidi Shierholz


Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Access to Earned Sick Days in Eugene, Oregon
Claudia Williams