The following labor market policy research reports were recently released:  

Center for American Progress

Creating Economic Security: Using Progressive Savings Matches to Counter Upside-Down Tax Incentives
Joe Valenti and Christian E. Weller

How Sequestration Gets Worse in 2014
Harry Stein

Promoting Good Jobs for Millennials
Sarah Ayres


Center for Economic and Policy Research

Don't Blame the Robots: Assessing the Job Polarization Explanation of Growing Wage Inequality
Lawrence Mishel, Heidi Shierholz, and John Schmitt

Presentation to Florida’s Employer-Sponsored Benefits Study Task Force
Eileen Appelbaum and Teresa Kroeger


Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

CHIP Experience Shows That Health Reform Enrollment Will Take Time to Ramp Up
Matt Broaddus

Congress Should Renew Emergency Unemployment Compensation Before the End of the Year
Chad Stone

House Bill to Expand “Grandfathering” of Individual-Market Plans Would Raise Premiums in Insurance Marketplaces and Undermine Market Reforms
Sarah Lueck

Landrieu-Manchin Bill Would Raise Premiums and Threaten Viability of Insurance Marketplaces Administration Policy Poses Much Less Risk
Sarah Lueck

Portman Proposal for Automatic Continuing Resolutions Would Impede Appropriations Process and Could Produce Very Deep Funding Cuts
Richard Kogan

Sequestration Replacement Package Should Maintain Parity Principle Set by Budget Control Act
Sharon Parrott and Joel Friedman

SNAP Costs Leveling Off, Almost Certain to Fall Next Year
Dorothy Rosenbaum


Center on Wisconsin Strategy

Local Living Wage Ordinances: Experience, Evidence and Best Practice
Jody Knauss



A Higher Wage Is Possible
Catherine Ruetschlin and Amy Traub    


National Employment Law Project

Getting Our Priorities Straight: Three Actions Congress Can Take to Create Jobs and Build Prosperity
Mike Evangelist and Anastasia Christman

Statewide Ban the Box: Reducing Unfair Barriers to Employment of People with Criminal Records

Testimony on Payroll Fraud: Targeting Bad Actors Hurting Workers and Businesses
Catherine K. Ruckelshaus

 U.S. Labor Market Remains in Distress