The following labor market policy research reports were recently released: 

Center for American Progress

The Economic Benefits of Family and Medical Leave Insurance
Heather Boushey, Ann O’Leary, and Alexandra Mitukiewicz

The FAMILY Act: Facts and Frequently Asked Questions
Jane Farrell and Sarah Jane Glynn

Job Protection Isn’t Enough: Why America Needs Paid Parental Leave
Heather Boushey, Jane Farrell, and John Schmitt

Making Sense of the Senate and House’s Visions of Immigration Reform
Ann Garcia

Real Family Values: Raising the Federal Minimum Wage
Jack Jenkins


Center for Economic and Policy Research

Women Workers and Unions
John Schmitt and Nicole Woo


Employment Policy Research Network 

Will the Supreme Court Support or Block Development of a Modern Collective Bargaining System for Homecare Workers?
Thomas A. Kochan


Institute for Research on Labor and Employment at UCLA

Where There Are Few Unions: Health and Safety Education for Organizing in Export Zones
Judy Branfman


Political Economy Research Institute

Creating U.S. Manufacturing Jobs: How "Buying American" Can Raise the Job-Creation Potential of Public Transit Investments
Jeannette Wicks-Lim