CEPR's kicking off the summer vacation season with an appearance by CEPR Senior Economist John Schmitt on CBS Sunday Morning this weekend (click here for airtimes). He'll be talking about paid vacation and holidays in the United States -- or lack thereof.

In No-Vacation Nation, CEPR finds that we're the only advanced nation that doesn't guarantee its workers and paid vacation or holidays. In fact, 1 in 4 U.S. workers do not receive any paid holidays or vacation -- see the grim picture below.

No Vacation Nation

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But it's not just vacation. CEPR research shows that the United States comes in last when when it comes to paid sick days and paid parental leave as well. And while some argue that paid leave leads to less competitive economies, CEPR also finds that paid sick days don't cause unemployment rates to rise.

So how can America get out of last place? The Healthy Families Act, which would provide paid sick days to millions of American workers, is being promoted by Sen. Christopher Dodd and Rep. Rosa DeLauro -- with the blessings of the Obama Administration. There are also state and local campaigns for paid sick days across the country.

And Rep. Alan Grayson has proposed the first-ever paid vacation law in Congress. He asks:

Why are paid vacations good enough for the Chinese, French, Japanese and German employees, but not good enough for us?

So as many of us enjoy a well-deserved paid holiday this Monday, let's not forget the millions of American workers who don't get Memorial Day, nor any other, paid time off.