CEPR's Dean Baker is appearing in this week's episode of Moyers & Company, talking about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), referred to by some as “NAFTA on steroids.”

Along with Yves Smith, who runs the excellent Naked Capitalism blog, Dean and Bill Moyers discuss the secret negotiations that have plenty of seats at the table for corporations (but not the public), as well as the potentially dangerous effects that the TPP could have on the rest of us.

While little has been revealed about the terms of the TPP, the information that's been leaked so far raises concerns about, for example, financial and environmental regulations, labor unions, and intellectual property protections.

In addition, Dean detailed many of his thoughts on the TPP earlier this week in The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Trade Agreement for Protectionists, stating:

The evidence from what we know of this still secret pact is that the TPP has little to do with free trade. It can more accurately be described as a pact designed to increase the wealth and power of crony capitalists.

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