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Several times per year, we at the Center for Economic and Policy Research ask our friends and supporters to consider making a donation to sustain our work. This spring, we are asking for support for a crucial part of CEPR’s international work, our Haiti: Relief and Reconstruction Watch blog.

CEPR created the Haiti: Relief and Reconstruction Watch blog in the first few weeks after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, with a focus on ensuring that the most urgent needs of the Haitian people are being met. Through direct traffic as well as a partnership with Wired magazine, Haiti: Relief and Reconstruction Watch has been able to reach thousands of people, including policymakers, journalists and aid workers on the ground in Haiti. From the very first post (there are now over 275 posts), the blog has focused extensively on the issue of adequate shelter and sanitation.

The blog has also had a definitive influence on the coverage of Haiti’s elections. CEPR has been a consistent voice in covering the elections, including the ongoing debate over the election results and the return of former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. It has also become a significant source of information and analysis for many journalists covering Haiti.

But don’t just take our word for it…here’s what The Nation had to say:

Quote from The Notion, The Nation magazine’s blog:

”Praise to the Center for Economic and Policy Research for being the only Washington think tank to pay consistent, skeptical attention to Haiti. As usual, they have been doing invaluable work on the issue, including a statistical analysis of the stolen vote”.

We are asking you to help us to continue to provide some of the most thorough coverage on Haiti to be found. CEPR’s independence requires that we not accept funding from government agencies, corporations or unions. We rely on private foundations and individuals like you to fund our work, from our reports to our data bytes to our blogs.

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