On April 17 International Action Ties, via the Haiti Response Coalition, called for an immediate suspension of forced evictions. The group called on authorities to respect the human rights of displaced peoples, efforts would include a moratorium on evictions, an independent monitoring agency and collaboration with community groups. The group notes that the United Nations' Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement have not been followed. The press release begins:
The following is a request in response to the expulsions from the encampments of Haiti’s internally displaced persons (IDPs) that have recently occurred. Currently, forced removals of IDPs from Camp Sipot in Delmas 31, Camp Refugee in Caradeux Delmas 75, and the Camp Sylvio Cator Stadium have occurred, as have threats of removal in Camp Methodiste de Freres in Delmas 95, Camp San Louis Gonzague in Delmas 31/33, and Champ de Mars which continue to be reported by numerous sources. The escalating situation has been previously reported to the relevant authorities. The March 24, 2010 OCHA Haiti-Earthquake Situational Report #31 stated that, “the protection cluster is receiving an increasing number of reports detailing tensions between displaced persons located on private land and landowners. Some cases have resulted in forceful evictions from the land.” What was not specified was what action was or would be taken to protect IDP rights.
Today, contacts on the ground are reporting that the UN, in coordination with the Government of Haiti, have agreed to a three week moratorium on forced evictions. While the final details are not available, this should be seen as a very positive development.