Taiwans' Central News Agency reports that a China Times Group reporter, Liu Ping, who traveled to Haiti to cover the earthquake was upset by some of the media coverage of the security situation:
"Everyone was trying to survive, because they were looking for food and water, " the Washington-based correspondent said. "If there was more empathy in news reporting, the perspective would be different." Liu also lashed out at peacekeeping troops in Haiti. He said the troops told Taiwan's second rescue team not to go outside because it was not safe, but what the reporter saw were people who were staring over airport walls at the relief goods they hoped to receive as soon as possible.
Another Journalist, Lin Shen-hsu of CNA, had the following to say in response to reports of a deteriorating security situation:
"When supermarket buildings collapsed, a lot of food and goods were inside. Were you going to wait until the food went rotten? " he said. Many people "robbed" the supermarkets because they had nothing to eat. "I don't consider it a crime," Lin said.
Prioritizing security over emergency medical supplies and other aid was a serious mistake in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake. Doctors Without Borders, French and Italian officials and the Haitian Prime Minister and many others have made similar statements.