TransAfrica Forum published a report today from their partners in the Haiti Response Coalition documenting forced evictions and neglect in IDP camps over the last week. The first situation occured at an encampment in Caradeux Delmas 75, Port-au-Prince, which consists of four conjoined camps; Camp Benediction, CCTT, Camp Canaan and Refugee Camp. The Coalition reports:
The Refugee Camp community members reports that they did not receive warning before the large Conseil Nationale Equipements (CNE) bulldozers and graters came to their community with Haitian National Police escorts late on Sunday evening 04APR10, shorts after 7:00pm. With consistency, numerous individuals reported that the uniformed officers first threatened the families with violence if they did not leave their homes immediately. The assesment team was informed that anyone who argued was then forced out with violence. The use of batons were reported, and firearms were discharged into the air.
The memo continues, saying that the camp was going to become the area where those being evicted from the camp at San Louis Gonzague school were relocated. The possible eviction from that camp was reported last week.

At Camp Canaan, Coalition members met with the leadership committee. Camp Canaan, the report says, is the only one of the four camps that have received "Autorisation Speciale", which recognizes that camp as such and "secures their right to inhabit the privately owned land for two years." Despite this, the Coalition members reported being told that:
As a committee representing a marginalized IDP camp, they have been denied access to World Vision, rejected at the reception, and have not been able to obtain a meeting with OXFAM, and CERES, though numerous have been requested.
In addition, they reported having no Water, Sanitation and Hygiene facilities. The closest water supply is reported to be 500 meters away and available only for purchase.

To read the entire report, click here (PDF).