A new revised edition of "The Young Person's Guide to Social Security" by the Economic Policy Institute and National Academy of Social Insurance includes the latest official estimates in the 2012 Social Security Trustees’ report to give young adults the information needed to participate in debates about the program's future.

“Social Security is the best deal most young people don’t even know they have,” said Kathryn Anne Edwards, one of the paper's authors. "It is insurance that is not only effective and important, but irreplaceable. Young people need to get the message that it’s not somebody else’s security, it’s your security. It’s not your grandparents’ program, or your parents’ program, it’s your program. And it’s yours to lose.”

The printed edition is free and available through NASI.  The publication is also available online in a downloadable format and available through EPI or NASI. For even more on Social Security, visit our Social Security and Retirement page.