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CEPR Briefing on Work and Family

Supporting Families: Opportunities for Policymakers to Make a Difference

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Eileen Appelbaum
Eileen Appelbaum,
Center for Women and Work, Rutgers University

Heidi Hartmann
Heidi Hartmann,
Institute for Women's Policy Research

Kate Kahan
Kate Kahan,
National Partnership for Women and Families

Heather Boushey
Heather Boushey,
Center for Economic and Policy Research

Karen Kornbluh
Karen Kornbluh,
Office of Sen. Obama

Michele Varnhagen
Michele Varnhagen,
Office of Rep. Miller

Catherine Graham
Catherine Graham,
Office of Sen. Dodd

Chelsea Maughan
Chelsea Maughan,
Office of Sen. Clinton

Leticia Mederos
Leticia Mederos,
Office of Rep. DeLauro

Lindsay McAllister
Lindsay McAllister,
Office of Rep. Woolsey

This event was sponsored by Senators Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, Edward Kennedy and Christopher Dodd, and by Representatives Rosa DeLauro, George Miller, Carolyn Maloney and Lynn Woolsey. The series has been generously funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.