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October - December 2008

Casino Crash: Reviewing 2008: Looking towards 2009
December 31, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Business Pundit: Business Pundit’s Biggest Winners and Losers of 2008
December 31, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Economist's View: Are Workers Unwilling to Work?
December 27, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Conscience of a Liberal (New York Times): Hoocoodanode, Part A Zillion
December 26, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Market Movers (Portfolio.com): What is the Point of Fannie's Directors
December 26, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Business Desk (NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, PBS): How Do Senate vs. Detroit Worker Wages Compare on an Hourly Basis?
December 25, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Kevin Drum's Blog (Mother Jones): Shadow Banking
December 24, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Real Time Economics (Wall Street Journal): Secondary Sources: German Stimulus?, World Recession, Real Wages
December 23, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Media Matters for America: Fortune's Easton Misrepresented Debate Over Employee Free Choice Act
December 23, 2008 

OneWorld US: Venezuela Rights Report Questioned
December 19, 2008 (Mark Weisbrot)

About.com: Women Union Members - The Changing Face of Union Membership
December 16, 2008 (John Schmitt)

Blog for Our Future (CAF): Insurance Companies and Hospitals join Forces to Protect Their Profits and Bash Public Plan
December 11, 2008 (Dean Baker)

AFL-CIO NOW: Human Rights Day 2008
December 10, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Blog for Our Future (CAF): Progressive Breakfast: $900 Billion for Main Street
December 10, 2008 (Dean Baker)

News You Should Know (BET.com): Organization calls for Haiti's Debt Forgiveness
December 10, 2008

Think Progress: Former Ceo's: Poor People Did Not Cause the Current Financial Crisis
December 9, 2008 (Dean Baker)

The Business Desk (The Online Newshour, PBS): If Big Companies Need Help, Then Why Do the CEO's Still Get Bonuses
December 9, 2008 (Dean Baker)

The Home Front (U.S. News & World Reports): 6 Reasons Modified Loans are Going Bad Again
December 8, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Dollars and Sense Blog: The Conservative Nanny State
December 7, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Feminist Wire (Ms. Magazine): New Report Shows Unionization Advances Pay and Benefits for Women
December 3, 2008 (John Schmitt)

AFL-CIO NOW Blog: Union Card Raises Wages for Women as Much as Year in College
December 3, 2008 (John Schmitt)

Feministing: New Report: Unionized Women Workers Earn More
December 3, 2008

Angry Bear: My Essential Blogs
December 2, 2008 (Dean Baker)

L.A. Land (Los Angeles Times): Will NYC Dodge the Real Estate Crash?
December 1, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Greg Mankiw: Passing the Buck
December 1, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Pajamas Media: 'Obamamania' on the Wane
December 1, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: Robert Rubin: Coward or Liar - or Both?
November 29, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Grist: How Much Should We Spend to Green the U.S.? 
November 29, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Conscience of a Liberal (NYT): About That Advisory Board
November 26, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: The Trillion Dollar Scare Tactic
November 24, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: Botching the Bailout
November 18, 2008 (Dean Baker)

American Prospect: The Summers Bubble
November 17, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Public News Service: "Young and Underpaid" - Typical West Virginia Story
November 17, 2008 (John Schmitt)

Blog for Our Future (Campaign for America's Future): The Great Battle of 2009
November 16, 2008 (Dean Baker)

FAIR Blog: Which Kind of Trader Needs Quotation Marks?
November 14, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Blast: Obama's Advisers Criticized By Economist
November 13, 2008 (Dean Baker)

TAPPED (The American Prospect): Think Tank Round-Up
November 12, 2008

ProPublica: Why is Everyone Becoming a Bank Holding Company? It’s All About the Benjamins
November 12, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Washington Independent Blog: Do Clint-Era Economic Officials Represent Real Change?
November 11, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Talking Points Memo: How Summers at Treasury Would Beggar the Republic
November 11, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Health Care for America Now: IOUSA, the "Insurmountable" Deficit, and Health Care Costs
November 11, 2008

FAIR Blog: The Post's Telepathic Journalism
November 10, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Market Movers (Conde Nast Portfolio): The Wealth Effects of House Price Declines
November 9, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Market Movers (Conde Nast Portfolio): Extra Credit, Friday Edition
November 7, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Living Simply (Seattle Post-Intelligencer): We Shall Overcome - Yes We Have
November 7, 2008 (Mark Weisbrot)

FAIR Blog: Do WSJ Editors Read Their Own Paper?
November 7, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Economist's View: Extending Health Insurance Can Be an Effective Stimulus
November 6, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: Mordor Brightens; Obama's Challenge -- And Ours
November 5, 2008 (Dean Baker and Mark Weisbrot)

FAIR Blog: 'Distastrous' Economic Reporting Continues
November 3, 2008 (Dean Baker)

MoJo Blog (Mother Jones): A Report from the Economy
November 3, 2008 (Dean Baker)

FAIR Blog: Non-Soviet-Style Trade
October 31, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Real Time (Palm Beach Post): Think Tank: Owning A Home Still Costly and Risky
October 29, 2008

Seattle Real Estate News (Seattle Post-Intelligencer): Report Says Buyers Stand To Lose Equity
October 29, 2008 (Hye Jin Rho, Dean Baker)

FAIR Blog: Reporters 'Feel Obligated' to Deflect McCain Campaign Reality
October 29, 2008 (Dean Baker)

The Plank (New Republic): McCain to New York: Drop Dead
October 28, 2008 (Dean Baker)

FAIR Blog: NYT's Economic Pollyana: Tighten Your Belts
October 27, 2008 (Dean Baker)

FAIR Blog: Seeing Bad Luck in Bad Policy
October 27, 2008 (Dean Baker)

PopMatters: Greenspan's Principal-Agent Problem
October 24, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Blog for Our Future (Campaign for America's Future): Greenspan's Revisionist History
October 23, 2008

FAIR Blog: 'The Horror' of NPR's Economic Reporting
October 23, 2008 (Dean Baker)

FAIR Blog: A 'Minute-By-Minute' Guide to Misinformation
October 22, 2008 (Dean Baker, David Rosnick)

AFL-CIO Now Blog: Bush Republicans Spread the Wealth - Among Wall Street CEOs
October 22, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Altercation (Media Matters for America): Suddenly I See
October 22, 2008 

Market Movers (Portfolio.com): The Lease-Back Bailout
October 22, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: Ideology Takes a Breather, Maybe
October 19, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Becker-Posner Blog: Has the Market Economy Failed?
October 19, 2008 (Dean Baker)

FAIR Blog: Media Bail Out on Debate
October 18, 2008 (Dean Baker)

AFL-CIO Now Blog: Young Union Workers Earn More, Get Better Benefits
October 16, 2008 (John Schmitt)

City Room (NY Times): For Young New Yorkers, Wages Stuck in 1979
October 16, 2008

DailyKos: Young Workers Hit Hardest By Economy. Solution? A Union!
October 16, 2008

Real Time Economics (Wall Street Journal): Economists React: Pressure on Consumer Despite Easing Inflation
October 16, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Pennslvania Policy Blog: Dean Baker on Joe The Plumber's Big Tax Bill
October 16, 2008

FAIR Blog: Washington Post's Joe the Plumber "Fact Check"
October 16, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Real Estate Wonk (Baltimore Sun): More Commentary on Home Prices
October 15, 2008 (Dean Baker)

FAIR Blog: 'Many Experts Dispute' Obvious Impossibility
October 14, 2008 (Dean Baker)

On Line Opinion: Bolivian Crisis Unites South America Against US 
October 14, 2008

Economics Unbound (BusinessWeek): Why Young Workers Might Benefit
October 9, 2008 (Dean Baker) 

FAIR Blog: Economics Reporting 101
October 6, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: Why We Must Move a Financial Rescue Package Forward
October 3, 2008 (Mark Weisbrot)

DailyKos: Jobs Report Grimmer Than Expected
October 3, 2008

Progressive Network of Southeast PA: Does the Bailout Bill Mark the End of America as We Know It?
October 1, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: The Failed Bailout: A Drop in the Bucket and Abusive to Renters
October 1, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Media Matters for America: Fox News' Special Report Falsely Suggested Fannie and Freddie Chief Perpetrators of "Financial Mess"
October 1, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: How the Media Sold Their Souls to Wall Street
October 1, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: The Failed Bailout: A Drop in the Bucket and Abusive to Renters
October 1, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: They Stood Up to the Banks
October 1, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: Turning a Wall Street Giveaway Into an Economic Rescue for All Americans
October 1, 2008 (Dean Baker)

Viewsday (News Day): Crisis of Confidence
October 1, 2008 (Dean Baker)

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