February 16, 2012

Annual Steinhardt Lecture at Lewis & Clark College

7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Lewis & Clark College of Arts and Sciences
Council Chamber, Templeton Center
0615 S.W. Palatine Hill Road
Portland, OR, 97219

The economic debate between progressives and conservatives is routinely framed as a battle between progressives who support government intervention in the economy to promote equality and reduce poverty and conservatives who favor leaving things to the market. This “loser liberalism” framing, where the liberal agenda is about taxing the winners to help the losers, is likely to lead to bad policy outcomes and is also disastrous from a political standpoint.

CEPR Co-Director Dean Baker gave the college's annual Steinhardt Lecture, which covered some of the largely undiscussed government policies that redistribute income upwards. This list of policies includes patent and copyright protection, too big to fail insurance for large banks, and protectionist barriers that prop up the pay of doctors and other highly educated professionals. For more information, visit the event's website.