July 20, 2018

2:30 - 4:15 PM (GMT-3)

Young Scholars Initiative
Institute for New Economic Thinking

Universidad de Buenos Aires
Facultad de Ciencias Económicas,
Av. Córdoba 2122, Buenos Aires

CEPR Research Associate Lara Merling participated in a roundtable discussion on "Finance, Law and Economics: Sovereign Debt Sustainability" as part of the Young Scholars Initiative Latin America Convening. Lara presented her paper, "Puerto Rico’s Peculiar Case: Bankruptcy of an Unincorporated Territory."

Other presenters included:

Cássio Alves: "Sustainability of Brazilian public debt: An Empirical Analysis."

Juan Facundo Carcedo: "States and International Finance Institutions: an approach to the relation between Argentina and the World Bank in the 21st century."

Moderators: Arturo O'Connell and Cecilia Nahón

For more information, visit the event schedule.