May 19, 2016

03:00:00 PM

Private Fund Conference and Report: "Public Pension Plans and Private Funds — Common Goals, Conflicting Interests" featuring CEPR's Eileen Appelbaum

Lowell Milken Institute and UCLA School of Law

UCLA School of Law, Room 1457

Public pension plans remain the most significant investors in private equity funds and hedge funds today. Historically, plan trustees have invested in these funds to boost their returns — a critical goal for the beneficiaries of these plans. Renewed attention has been focused recently on the costs and expenses incurred by public pension plans when they entrust their beneficiaries' saving with private funds.

This year's Private Fund Conference, sponsored by the Lowell Milken Institute and UCLA School of Law, will address a number of pressing issues that impact the legal obligations of both the public plans and the alternative investment firms that they retain.