Housing and Foreclosures

CEPR analyzes fluctuations of the housing market and its impact on families. Right to Rent is a policy that could help foreclosed homeowners.

Measuring the Inflation Rate: Is Housing Different?

Dean Baker | June 26, 2018

The Housing Bubble: Is It Back?

Lara Merling and Dean Baker | November 22, 2016

Bringing Back Subprime? The Hazards of Restructuring the GSEs

Dean Baker and Nicole Woo | October 23, 2013

First Time Underwater: The Impact of the First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit

Dean Baker | April 18, 2012

The Gains From Right to Rent in 2010

Dean Baker, Hye Jin Rho | September 22, 2010

The Impact of the Housing Crash on the Wealth of the Baby Boom Cohorts

Dean Baker, David Rosnick | April 26, 2010

Hitting Bottom? An Updated Analysis of Rents and the Price of Housing in 100 Metropolitan Areas

Danilo Pelletiere, Hye Jin Rho, and Dean Baker | August 05, 2009

The Gains from Right to Rent

Dean Baker and Hye Jin Rho | July 24, 2009

The Right to Rent Plan

Dean Baker | July 16, 2009

The Housing Crash Recession and the Case for a Third Stimulus

Dean Baker | March 16, 2009

The Wealth of the Baby Boom Cohorts After the Collapse of the Housing Bubble

David Rosnick, Dean Baker | February 25, 2009

The Key to Stabilizing House Prices: Bring Them Down

Dean Baker | December 03, 2008

The Changing Prospects for Building Home Equity: An Updated Analysis of Rents and the Price of Housing in 100 Metropolitan Areas

Hye Jin Rho, Danilo Pelletiere, and Dean Baker | October 28, 2008

The Impact of the Housing Crash on Family Wealth

Dean Baker and David Rosnick | July 09, 2008

The Housing Crash and the Retirement Prospects of Late Baby Boomers

Dean Baker and David Rosnick | June 24, 2008

The Housing Bubble and the Financial Crisis

Dean Baker | June 02, 2008

Ownership, Rental Costs and the Prospects of Building Home Equity

Hye Jin Rho, Danilo Pelletiere and Dean Baker | May 07, 2008

The Cost of Maintaining Ownership in the Current Crisis: Comparisons in 20 Cities

Dean Baker, Danilo Pelletiere, Hye Jin Rho | April 03, 2008

Subprime Rescue Plans: Backdoor Bank Bailouts

Dean Baker | March 04, 2008

Subprime Borrowers Deserve an Own to Rent Transition

Dean Baker | January 31, 2008

Will a Bursting Bubble Trouble Bernanke?: The Evidence for a Housing Bubble

Dean Baker, David Rosnick | November 08, 2005

Is There a Housing Bubble?

Dean Baker, David Rosnick | September 12, 2005

Too Much Bubbly at the Fed?

Dean Baker | July 29, 2004

The Housing Bubble in New England

Dean Baker | January 05, 2004

An Analysis of The Harvard Center’s Case Against the Housing Bubble

Dean Baker | October 27, 2003

Homeownership in a Bubble: The Fast Path to Poverty

Dean Baker, Simone Baribeau | August 01, 2003

The Housing Affordability Index: A Case of Economic Malpractice

Dean Baker | December 01, 2002

The Run-Up in Home Prices: Is it Real or Is it Another Bubble?

Dean Baker | August 05, 2002