Medicare and Health Care

CEPR explores economic policies that affect the U.S. health care system, including Medicare. Our Health Care Budget Deficit Calculator shows how future budget deficits would plummet if we had the same per person health care costs as other developed nations.

Op-Eds & Columns

Republican Part-Time Nation: Going Involuntary

Dean Baker | January, 17 2017

Inequality as Policy

Dean Baker | November, 07 2016

Secrets in Plain View: Obamacare Is Working

Dean Baker | October, 03 2016

Fixing Obamacare: The Democrats Have to Talk About It

Dean Baker | August, 22 2016

How the Affordable Care Act Can Still Work

Dean Baker | August, 18 2016

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Improving and Extending Medicare as a Choice to All

Dean Baker | January, 13 2015

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