Latin America and the Caribbean


More Trouble Ahead: Puerto Rico's Impending Medicaid Crisis

Lara Merling and Jake Johnston | October, 04 2017

Life After Debt in Puerto Rico: How Many More Lost Decades?

Lara Merling, Kevin Cashman, Jake Johnston, and Mark Weisbrot | July, 18 2017

Brazil’s Enormous Interest Rate Tax: Can Brazilians Afford It?

Mark Weisbrot, Jake Johnston, Julia Villarruel Carrillo, and Vitor Mello | April, 04 2017

Did NAFTA Help Mexico? An Update After 23 Years

Mark Weisbrot, Lara Merling, Vitor Mello, Stephan Lefebvre, and Joseph Sammut | March, 29 2017

Decade of Reform: Ecuador’s Macroeconomic Policies, Institutional Changes, and Results

Mark Weisbrot, Jake Johnston, and Lara Merling | February, 10 2017

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