Latin America and the Caribbean


A Critical Review of the US State Department’s 2015 Progress Report on Haiti

Alexander Main, Jasmine Huggins, Jake Johnston, Charissa Zehr, Jessica Hsu, and Alan Yarborough | December, 20 2016

Brazil’s Enormous Interest Rate Tax: Can Brazilians Afford It?

Mark Weisbrot, Jake Johnston, and Julia Villarruel Carrillo | December, 15 2016

Have US-Funded CARSI Programs Reduced Crime and Violence in Central America?

David Rosnick, Alexander Main, and Laura Jung | September, 07 2016

Projecting a Range of Possible Results in the December 2015 Elections for National Assembly in Venezuela

David Rosnick | December, 03 2015

Honduras: IMF Austerity, Macroeconomic Policy, and Foreign Investment

Stephan Lefebvre | September, 14 2015

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