Inequality and Poverty

CEPR investigates economic and social policies that affect, as well as methods of measuring, levels of hardship, poverty and inequality in the U.S.


The Social Security Trustees Agree: The Program is Well-Funded

Kevin Cashman | June, 18 2018

CEO Pay: Still Not Related to Performance

Dean Baker and Jessica Schieder | June, 13 2018

Income Inequality Worse than Reported, New Analysis Shows

Dean Baker and David Rosnick | April, 30 2018

Does High CEO Pay Matter to Shareholders?

Dean Baker and Jessica Schieder | April, 03 2018

Scott Walker, Foxconn, and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

Alex Provan | March, 15 2018

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Op-Eds & Columns

Can Anything Bring CEO Pay Back Down to Earth?

Dean Baker | June, 14 2018

Guaranteed Jobs in America: Motivations and Limitations

Dean Baker and Jared Bernstein | May, 14 2018

Cheap Fun With the Stock Market, Arithmetic and CEO Pay

Dean Baker | May, 07 2018

High CEO Pay: It's What Friends Are For

Dean Baker | March, 26 2018

Why Not Make the Rich Compete?

Dean Baker | December, 07 2017

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