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In his presidential campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly promised to bring back the manufacturing and mining jobs that have been lost in recent decades. It appears that these commitments were important to many voters across the country, especially those in major industrial states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Ohio.

In order to assess Mr. Trump’s progress in meeting this commitment, the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) will maintain the Blue-Collar Jobs Tracker.  Beginning in March of 2017, this interactive web feature will allow users to assess the path of job growth in four major blue-collar industries: manufacturing, mining, construction, and trucking. The Blue-Collar Jobs Tracker will show the growth in jobs in these industries at both the national and state level. It will be updated monthly with new jobs data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

These industries have historically been a source of relatively high-paying jobs for men without college degrees. The loss of jobs in these sectors has been a major force behind stagnating incomes in many parts of the country. While it is equally important that women without college degrees have access to good paying jobs, in his campaign Trump promised to bring back these jobs traditionally held by men. The Blue-Collar Jobs Tracker will chart job growth in these sectors.