For Immediate Release: May 24, 2019
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Washington, DC — There has been little to no job growth in the manufacturing sector over the last three months, and the slowdown is dramatic when compared to the previous three months. A new analysis from the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) shows additional signs of weakness in manufacturing output which declined 0.5 percent in April following a downward trend from the previous three months.

“When is a slump a slump,” asks CEPR’s Matt Sedlar. The average job growth in manufacturing over the last three months was 4,000 jobs compared with 21,330 in the previous three months. A special feature in today’s Blue Collar Jobs Tracker is a particular focus on job performance within the manufacturing subsectors with a graph showing the performance of machinery; electrical equipment, appliances and components; and, motor vehicles and parts.

Overall, jobs in the combined blue collar job sectors of construction, manufacturing, and mining and logging, increased by 34,000 in April. That overall growth was driven by construction jobs. Nationwide, mining and logging lost 3,000 jobs in April. Job performance by state and blue collar sector may be viewed on our Blue Collar Jobs Tracker map.

For a detailed analysis of the major blue collar industries of manufacturing, construction, mining and logging, see Blue Collar Jobs Tracker. Each month, this site is updated with the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics state level jobs data in these industries.