Blog posts by CEPR staff and updates on the latest briefings and activities at the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

Beat the Press

Beat the Press is Dean Baker's commentary on economic reporting.

The Americas Blog

Social, political and economic analysis of the Western Hemisphere.

Director Watch

Putting an end to blank checks for CEOs. These people deserve the public’s scrutiny however accomplished they may be in other areas. Director Watch is an effort to provide this scrutiny.

Haiti: Relief and Reconstruction Watch

Relief and Reconstruction Watch is a blog that tracks multinational aid efforts in Haiti with an eye towards ensuring they are oriented towards the needs of the Haitian people, and that aid is not used to undermine Haitians' right to self-determination.

Social Security Monitor

Social Security Monitor reports on misleading statements and lies about Social Security in the media and by politicians and officials.

The World in Transition: Economics & Politics

Mark Weisbrot’s blog on economic and political trends in a multi-polar world.

The Huffington Post