Independent Federal Agency Monitor

The Independent Federal Agencies Leadership Tracker monitors appointments to agency leadership positions through the confirmation process and beyond. The initiative is part of the Revolving Door Project’s effort to even the playing field by empowering ordinary people with information previously hoarded by special interest groups.

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Agencies – Overview


Agency Abbreviation Voting Members Voting Members Requiring Senate Confirmation Required for Quorum Currently enough for quorum Statute Political balance required Senate Committee with Jurisdiction Vacancies Republican Vacancies Democrat Vacancies Serving Expired Terms Republicans Serving Expired Terms Democrats Serving Expired Terms Pending Nominations


Agencies – Personnel

Note: Politically-balanced boards prohibit more than a certain number of members/commissioners from being members of the President’s political party. In most cases, nominees are either Republicans or Democrats, making it simple to predict the political affiliations of future nominees for vacancies on these boards. In rare instances, however, presidents may nominate an Independent to fill a vacancy, creating uncertainty about the political affiliations of future nominees. For the sake of simplicity, the Monitor treats an Independent nominee as a member of the party with whom the nomination originated – either that of the President or the Senate Minority leader to whom the President traditionally looks for names to fill the minority party spots on independent agency boards.


STO = successor takes office

NCS = end of next session of Congress

CCS = end of current session of Congress

Agency Abbreviation Name Position Political Party Ref Term Status Term Expires Must Vacate Seat By Nomination Status Latest Action Dated Received from President Replaced/Replacing Additional Notes

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